About ANTV

Always Remember at African Network Television (ANTV), My Africa is Your Africa!

ANTV is Africa’s First Global TV Network, the Only Place for Reaching all Persons of African Descent from around the world. 

African Network Television broadcasts globally from Gainesville Florida, United States featuring breaking news from across the African continent and lively discussion on current affairs, politics, health, money, cultural lifestyle reflecting the global African experience.

ANTV bridges current media gap on Africa through trustworthy and reliable Africans led discussion on Africa; by engaging Africans in reshaping Africa’s image and by providing a platform for Africans to take a lead in telling Africa’s story.

With enormous natural economic wealth and the abundance of numerous untapped resources, ANTV sheds unprecedented spotlight on Africa’s role on the global future while portraying the numerous highly skilled people of African descent that are crafting the global economic future.

ANTV Network provides reliable central platform for serious conversations on real issues, prospects, challenges of global Africa.

ANTV’s core audience spans the globe, and includes all people of African descent, foreign investors to Africa, and members of general public with interests on Africa and its beautiful culture.