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ANTV is Africa’s first and only TV Network for all persons of African descent from anywhere in the world.
ANTV, My Africa is Your Africa! ANTV is Africa’s first global TV network. ANTV is the only place for all persons of African descent. At ANTV, Africans lead the world in telling Africa’s story. Watch ANTV anywhere anytime.
ANTV broadcasts globally from the United States featuring assorted African entertainment programs that includes best of Africa’s cinema, in addition to top stories, cultural, and lifestyle programming from across the continent of Africa and its diaspora. ANTV bridges media gap on Africa through trustworthy and reliable Africans led discussion on Africa.
ANTV viewers enjoy channel package with shows involving lively discussions on current affairs and cultural programming that reflects the global African experience within and outside the perimeters of it’s borders. With entertainment that includes thousands of Nollywood best movies including those featuring the top one percent famous Nollywood superstars; in addition to documentary, movies comedy, music from around the continent of Africa and its diaspora such as African American films, and beyond. ANTV is a cultural empowerment media that uses positive messaging is its core model for “new Africa” where role in global economic future is of highest priority. The network’s channel package provides global central platform for connecting all persons of African descent from around the world with engaging serious conversations about Africa’s prospects and challenges while highlighting the various people of African Descent from around the world that are crafting better global future for all. In addition, ANTV helps its viewers to share in Africa’s treasure and the beauty of its heritage.
Irrespective of nationality, place of origin, country of residence, or even language, African Network TV has something unique to offer all its viewers. ANTV Network has comprehensive channel package that includes 20 live channels with exclusive Afrocentric programming dedicated to various subgroups comprising the people of African descent and representing the global Africa. In addition, ANTV channel package includes exclusive movie channels, dedicated music channel, French Africa channel and much more. Not only does ANTV  give offer viewers unlimited access to its entire live channel package, the network included Orakle VOD channel with extensive library that contains over five thousand superior quality entertainment, cultural, and informative programming. Though the Network’s official programming language is English, as a home for all persons of African descent, ANTV has extensive non-English program library consisting of programming made in various African major languages from Yoruba, French, Swahili, to Igbo language, and more.
ANTV channel package is deemed a must have for all. There is no better way for firsthand experience and exposure to Africa, its people, culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. Whether to connect with African heritage, or for educational reasons, future travel preparation, business exploration, or even humanitarian purposes; ANTV has something unique to offer.
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